Ezi Connect Features

Outbound calling

Outbound calling

Ezi Cloud gives you the freedom to choose the most effective dialling method for your campaign. Select either preview or predictive dialler.

Preview Dialler

See the next call on the list and prepare for the upcoming conversation.

Predictive Dialler

Maximise the efficiency and effectiveness of your call centre with predictive dialling. You can configure the rules and determine how many call attempts should be made at the same time.

Your Own Caller ID(s)

Build trust by adding a visible caller ID that clients can also use to return the call. Choose between the following options:

  • No caller ID
  • One caller ID for all of your company’s calls
  • A different caller ID for each individual campaign
Inbound Calling

Inbound Call Handling

Call Blending

Enable inbound calls whilst simultaneously running outbound campaigns and keep wait times to a minimum during peak periods.

With Ezi Cloud’s seamless call blending functionality, you can have any number of inbound lines and create an overflow team to help manage inbound calls at peak times throughout the day.



Let your imagination run wild. Ezi Cloud enables you to create custom campaigns that meet your company’s needs.

  • Unlimited data fields - Store as much information as necessary about your customers
  • Fully customizable agent screen - Give each team member the power to create their own agent screen
  • Your own caller ID(s) - Choose whether or not to display your custom numbers when making outbound calls. Once you have completed an online verification process, you can use these numbers for caller ID, as well as for receiving inbound calls.
  • Integrate with existing phone lines – In areas with low bandwidth, Ezi Cloud can be integrated with public switched telephone networks
  • Do Not Call Lists – Identify a do not call list for all of your campaigns or a specific campaign in particular
Multi-Step Campaigns

Multi-Step Campaigns

Multiple Campaigns

Manage a number of campaigns at the same time, each with their own set up and address pool.

Multi-Step Campaigns

Create automated campaigns that go beyond the first call. With Ezi Cloud, you can include additional steps such as emails and webhooks.

Receive Real-Time Analytics

Real-Time Analytics


Monitor the effectiveness of your campaigns anytime, anywhere with access to live status overviews and live data.


Automatically generate pre-defined or on-the-fly reports in a format that meets your needs.


Have real-time analytics at your fingertips to help you make decisions in a timely manner.



Easy Data Import and Export

Create your contacts by simply importing a list in spreadsheet format. This spreadsheet can contain any number of rows and columns, and Ezi Cloud will take care of the duplicates.

There is no need for technical personnel when it comes to exporting your data either. You can export your data into a custom structure thanks to an intuitive user interface.

APIs and Webhooks

Use webhooks to integrate Ezi Cloud with your other systems.

Monitor your calls with recordings

Call Monitoring and Recording

Monitoring Call Quality

You can monitor the performance of your team by listening silently to ongoing calls. The system also enables you to send a message to the agent.

On-Demand Recording

One-way and two-way recording can be included as a regular part of your workflow or on an adhoc basis.

Reliability and Security

Reliability and Security

Scalable Cloud-Based Solution

As Ezi Cloud is a cloud-based system, it can be scaled to meet your needs at any given time and you will only end up paying for what you use.

Secure Data and Voice Encryption

Your data is completely secure, as all of the traffic is routed through a secure connection. We also use multiple servers to back up your data.



Supports Multiple Tenants

The Ezi Cloud system supports multiple tenants, meaning you can share campaign tasks with other call centres by giving them limited access.